Pig Fantogame

Pig dice game

Game mode:

Single Player Against Computer
Multi player on the net with ranking on www.fantogame.it


At each turn, each player repeatedly rolls a die until a 1 is thrown or the player decides to “hold”:

If the player gets 1 on his die, he scores nothing, he loses the total accumulated on this hand and the turn passes to the next player.

If the player gets another number, it is added to the total of his turn and the player’s turn continues.

If a player chooses to “hold”, his turn total is added to his score and the turn passes to the next player

The first player to reach 100 or more points wins.

superMath Fantogame

goal of the game reach a 3-digit number with 5 moves that consist of the use of one of 4 operations

more delete a digit of only one number.

operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

more delete a digit of one of 2 number.

how to play of the game:

at the beginning of the game are given:

a starting number of 3 digits (total)

the number to reach, always 3 digits.

for each round:

at the beginning of the round an additional 2-digit number is assigned (operand)

1) can remove a digit from one from operands or from total (optional)

2) sum or subtract or multiply or divide the total and operand:

subtract is always total minus operand

divide is always total divide operand

3) the result will be the new total

after 5th round the play ends.

the score categories:


if,in any of 5 rounds, the total is equals with the target number (in that case the play ends)


if, after the 5th round, the total is near with the target number


if, after the 5th round, the total is least near with the target number

the score categories range are always showed at start of play

the number target is showed in gold color (yellow)

in the online multiplayer, the numbers: target, start total and all operands are the same for everyone and the one who gets more closer to the goal wins


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